The benefits of legalized gambling in developed countries are pretty obvious. First, it brings in more tourists and gamblers, both local and from abroad. People who travel to countries where they can gamble get more pleasure out of the experience, and so this increases the gross domestic product (GDP). In countries that allow online gambling, people who are interested in both forms of gambling get a chance to partake in it as well. This increases the supply and demand of gambling products worldwide, since the supply is slightly lower than the demand, while allowing legal operators to make a bit more off of it.

The benefits of legalized gambling also include lessening the dangers of gambling from those who wish to take part in it, whether for fun or for profit. People who are caught gambling illegally can face serious legal consequences. For example, carrying large sums of cash or money will get you into serious legal trouble. In some cases, outright jail time is not uncommon. In countries where online casinos are most prevalent, there are very real threats to the workers who work in these casinos, as well.

A second benefit of legalized gambling is that it creates more job opportunities for people with gambling experience. Both live and dead, professional gamblers bring in a great deal of income each year, making their businesses quite successful. It is not uncommon for professional gamblers to create multiple successful companies that employ hundreds and even thousands of people. As previously stated, this increases the GDP of countries where these casinos are most common, and it leads to more benefits of legalized gambling.

Finally, the pros of legalizing gambling include more money in the U.S. and internationally. More people play at U.S. casinos than anywhere else in the world, and the best online casinos are located in states like Nevada, where residents are more likely to play casino games than anywhere else. This makes Las Vegas, as well as the other gambling havens around the country, some of the best places to make money in the world. Legalized gambling also increases the amount of revenue that would go back to the U.S. from taxes paid to states and cities, which can help with infrastructure and decrease the amount of money going to illegal activity like street gangs.

These are just a few of the benefits of legalized gambling in developed countries. If you want to look at other factors, like an increase in jobs and tax revenues, it is likely that legalized gambling would have similar effects on these other benefits. However, as things stand right now, the benefits of legalized gambling in developed countries far outweigh the disadvantages.

It is unlikely that the U.S. would fully legalize gambling because it does have a lot of opposition, both from citizens and from businesses. However, it seems that the benefits of legalized gambling in developed countries are more than enough for the U.S. to consider the change. If legalized gambling did eliminate some of the benefits of illegal activity, it wouldn’t be much of a change, as the amount of people playing slot machines at casinos is way too high anyway. As long as the people continue to play slot machines, it is going to keep bringing in business to countries like Las Vegas, even if it doesn’t make a bit of money on the front end. After all, people always seem to love to win big money, even when they lose a bit on the side.